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Wild Feature Slot Games

If you've played slots, chances are it will have a Wild symbol. It might even have bonus Wilds like Sticky Wilds, Transferring Wilds or Stacked Wilds. Wilds generally work in the same way: they help form winning combinations by substituting for any other symbol on the reels except scatters.

When you spin the reels, symbols line up on the pay lines to form combinations. Usually, the pay lines run from left-to-right, i.e. they start with Reel 1, then connect to a symbol on Reel 2, Reel 3, and so on. Wilds simply fill the spaces in those pay lines. You can use one Wild to fill a combination as two or three. Additionally, you may hit some bonus wins if you use a Wild or two. These usually take the form of multipliers or bigger jackpots if you land a lot of Wilds at once.

In general, there are two types of Wilds: regular 'substituting' symbols that occupy a single spot on the reels, and bonus Wilds. Bonus Wilds can range from Stacked Wilds to dazzling animated Random Wilds that appear any time. Extra Wilds can also appear during bonus rounds like Free Spins.

Standard Wilds

Standard Wild symbols substitute for other symbols on the reels. There is usually a condition - they generally won't substitute for Scatters or bonus symbols - but they can still contribute to nice winning combos.

Multipliers: Wilds just don't fill in the gaps; they also bag you a prize multiplier. If you form a winning pay line with a Wild, you might earn 2x or 3x on top of your win. A quick check of the paytable will show you what the Wild multipliers are.

Jackpots: Many online slots rely on Wilds to provide the game's big jackpots. Usually, the biggest prize hits if you form a pay line with five Wilds (on a five-reel slot). Again, the paytable will show you what the jackpot payouts are, but 10,000 coins for five Wilds are typical.

Among the Wild Bonus we highlight the following:

Random Wilds

Random Wilds appear as the name suggests, at any time during the base game. Usually, 1-3 extra Wilds will appear on the reels to help increase your winnings. In the newer slots, this will be accompanied by a short animated sequence as a character jumps on the screen to turn symbols Wild.

Expanding Wilds

Expanding Wilds are a great feature of online slots as they can turn whole reels Wild. This is usually done with an animated flourish as a single Wild stretches down to fill the symbols. With Expanding Wilds, you'll complete more pay lines but they don't crop up all that often.

Stacked Wilds

Stacked Wilds are substituting symbols that appear on top of each other on the reels. On a 3-row slot, you might find two symbols on a reel occupied by Wilds. More often, all three reel spots will be filled with Wilds.

Shifting Wilds

Shifting Wilds act a little like Sticky Wilds (see below) with an added twist: when they appear on the reels, they stay in place for one spin. However, the next spin they will shift along one reel and come into play again. Typically, they will keep shifting along the reels until they have disappeared off the side. By then you'll have had four or five spins with a nice bonus Wild improving your winnings.

Transferring Wilds

Transferring Wilds or Replicating Wilds, are Wilds that appear on one set of reels and "copy over" to the corresponding set of reels.

Sticky Wilds

Sticky Wilds do exactly what it says on the tin: they stay in place while the remaining reels spin. In some slots, Sticky Wilds will "stick" in place until you hit cash. They will then be removed from the reels and the game continues as normal.

Walking Wilds

Walking Wilds or moving wilds, is one of the bonus Wilds which shift along the reels as the remaining symbols respin for free

If Wilds appear, you can be sure of a juicy multiplier on your wins, and five on a payline can guarantee a big Jackpot.