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Oriental-themed Slots

Themes are used to tell a story in the game or associate them with a unique aspect of life. One of the most successful themes are those associated with culture, and the Asian theme has stood out quite well in this field. With a rich cultural history to draw upon, Orient and Asian slots capture the imagination; from imperial china to beautiful Geisha, to modern-day cityscapes, there’s plenty of treasure to uncover.

Asia is a world full of ancient customs, martial arts, the most colorful cultures dotted with fireworks, dragons, beautiful scenery, even more, beautiful women, a landscape that is to die for, geisha and ninjas, not to mention an overwhelming cultural belief in the concept of luck, something that comes in particularly handy whenever you land on the reels! and, of course, more treasure than you can possibly imagine to your fingertips in an instant.

The characters that are featured on the slot reels mostly have their inspiration from elements of the theme. Therefore, when sifting through sets that are inspired by Asian culture, one expects to run into symbols that are, in most cases, associated with the region. The icons used in these slot machine games differ in appearance as well as the purposes they serve, but some of them make an appearance in most of the slots that fall under the theme. Some of them include:

Dragons in ancient Asia. Dragons were used as a representation of potent power, especially that of having control over the water elements in instances such as floods and typhoons. In some areas, this fire-breathing beats represented power and brought good luck to those it saw the fitting of it.

Pandas. These white and black fur babies are not linked to Asian culture, but they are indigenous parts of this region. Therefore, they are used as a significant Asian identifying factor, which has made them an integral part of slot games based on the area.

Fortune cookies. The aspect of these indulgences as we have come to know them today is not actually a big part of Asian culture as we imagine. Fortune cookies originated from a small town in Southern Asia, and are now used to showcase how Chinese cuisine has grown to dominate the American one.

The slot features in Asian slot games are similar to those of other sets such as wilds, scatters, multipliers, and freebies. Some developers may include personalized touches to these aspects to make them unique.