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Mythology-themed Slots

One of the themes that will never go out of fashion is mythology. Whether it’s the lost city of Atlantis, stories of the Greek, Roman, Viking and Egyptian gods, Chinese Dragons, Gladiator and his sword, it seems that we simply cannot get enough of these quasi-historical stories.

Every culture and civilization has its own mythology, based on extravagant stories of heroes, gods, and treasure. Some people believe that these stories were crafted to provide answers to some of humanity’s questions, such as ‘where did we come from?’, whilst others consider them to be elaborated stories, possibly containing grain or two of truth, which have become so embellished and embroidered over the centuries that they bear little relation to the original events that happened.

Whatever their origins, tales of mythology continue to intrigue and entertain us, even in our scientifically enlightened era, as we find ourselves drawn into their stories of quests, heroism, and adventure. And nowhere is this more apparent than in the world of online slots, which features literally hundreds of games based on mythological tales from long, long ago.

Whether you are looking to be inspired, excited, intrigued or entertained, you are almost certain to find a mythology-based slots game that will keep you occupied for a while. You will discover slots games covering all types of myths and legends, but if you’re new to the genre, here are some of our favorite themes to get you started.

Ancient Greek And Roman Gods. Greek and Roman mythology never goes out of fashion. There are a host of online slots games based around this theme, so you can’t fail to find a game that you’ll enjoy playing. Temples, weaponry, helmets, and ancient artifacts all feature on the reels, giving you the opportunity to scoop some big virtual wins if you can match up the symbols.

Gladiator. In the glory days of Rome, only the most courageous men survived battles in the arena. They were known by one name: Gladiator. Welcome to the coliseum, where the battle of strength, agility, skill, and ingenuity is a matter of life and death. Only the strong and the brave will win the unimaginable wealth and worship of an entire nation. Features such as Princess Reel which activates a Wild x2 reel, the princess will throw handfuls of roses that will make all the winnings multiply. The Gladiator Reel which occurs on the third reel being completely covered by marble tiles and where Gladiator will reveal the winnings it hides. In addition, the bonus game of the Coliseum's doors, where you will be able to select and reveal the prizes offered.

The Golden Owl of Athena. Journey to ancient Greece and unlock the secret of great reward with the Golden Owl of Athena. In this visually stunning 3×5 classic slot, The Golden Owl is the key. Harnessing the wisdom of the ages, Athena’s Owl offers up to 20 Free Spins. However, as a wellspring of knowledge, the Golden Owl offers more than just Free Spins. This majestic creature also awards Scatter wins and acts as Wild for all other symbols on the reels.

Norse Mythology. Viking stories are packed with tales of heroism, brutality and squabbling gods, making them a sure-fire hit with generations of children. Now adults can join in the fun too, with a vast selection of themed slots featuring Viking battles, gods and warfare.

Vikings Fortune: Hold and Win. This game is based on an ancient Scandinavian theme like a Nordic city-port of Vikings. Chests of Gold in Main Game will trigger Free Spins, with Colossal symbols with the highest payout which will amaze with their Greatness. Bonus Game which can be triggered at any moment in the Main Game or Free Spins! Win riches of the Viking kings with holding coins as the Bonus symbol and in-game Jackpots! The game will not leave anyone impassive with these giant Viking prizes.

Viking Gods: Thor & Loki. Feel the power of Old Norse Gods in this slot Viking Gods: Thor and Loki. In the Main Game, gods will present you with Wild symbols for Big Wins. Full-stack Bonus symbols will trigger one of two types of Free Spins modes. In one Thor will battle the World Serpent, which will grow to Colossal Wild. And in the other Loki is about to lock the Fenrir Sticky Wild symbols on the reels.

Leave today's technology and get lost in the world of mythology.