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We invite you to discover the exciting realm of Progressive Jackpot Slots. These are very special slots because with each spin you increase the amount of the Progressive Jackpot prize.

This gives you the chance to win huge jackpots accumulated by all the players who have participated in that Slots game. Progressive Slots are the safe choice to get the best prize.

What is a Jackpot or Progressive Jackpot about?

A progressive jackpot is a cash prize that can be won by playing specific slot machines. What makes them special? Their prize is accumulating money with every spin and player that participates in these games. Of course, these are the progressive slots.

Therefore, their prizes become very high and generous, being able to win real prizes of thousands of Euros.

Most progressive jackpots can be found in online slots and slots games, and we invite you to stop and watch the jackpot increases with every spin and try your luck. Alternatively, you can choose which slot machine interests you most to try your luck. However, we assure you that the best way to do this is with progressive slots.

The prizes offered by the accumulated or progressive Jackpots are with no doubt the largest, especially if we are talking about Jackpots that have been accumulating and inflating for a long time without anyone having won them. These amounts can be so huge that they can even allow you to indulge that whim you never got to, or even change your life as a winner.

Among the progressive jackpots we have different types of them:

Medium Jackpot - As the name suggests, a medium-sized but interesting jackpot e.g. Legend of the Nile

Shared Progressive Jackpots and Jackpots between various games - These are shared jackpots between different games, casinos and gaming sites. This increases their prize money but not your chances of winning it.

How to win a Progressive Jackpot?

Like all gambling games, luck plays a big role in these games. And of course, you shouldn't forget the statistics either, it is logical that the jackpot will be increasing its prize as more people play, it is also obvious that as the progressive jackpot grows and the prize is not won there are more probabilities of winning it since it has not been won by someone for a long time.

As explained earlier, luck must be a great ally when it comes to winning a progressive jackpot.

Progressive Jackpot History

In physical casinos these jackpots have existed since 1986, when International Gaming Technology (IGT) made progressive jackpots a reality around the world. On the other hand, online casinos only started to offer them in the '90s, when online casinos started to duplicate all over the net. They started to become very popular as a result of the popularity brought by the Internet.

This is how millions of players from all over the world started to play and win these substantial Progressive Jackpots. You could say it was the starting gun for the gaming revolution.

Some of the curiosities of Progressive Jackpots:

  • These jackpots are the ones that provide all the major prizes around the world. Some of them are even millionaires.

  • The stakes should be the maximum for the Slots to give you the chance to win these jackpots.

  • The greatest progressive jackpot ever won was $20,062,600. It was won at the Microgaming Slots called Mega Moola.

  • We should always keep in mind that the winning results of these progressive jackpots are totally random.