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The Hive

The Hive


Don´t miss all the sweet gold winnings and a good variety of bees with exciting features

Welcome to the sweet world of The Hive, a unique hexagonal grid video slot that features 5 reels and 30 pay lines. All the lines pay both ways from left-to-right and right-to-left. Kick-off your summer with a fun cast of bee characters, each with their unique twist on the gameplay that will create fun and memorable playing sessions. Discover all the features and enjoy a buzzingly awesome free spins mode while you fly to the riches.

There is a lot to discover in The Hive, including exciting spreading wilds that will spread from honeycomb to honeycomb during the free spins round. There is plenty to be happy about during the base game as well, as random bees can appear around any of the 18 spots in the grid of the game. During every spin, the bees move clockwise around the grid, potentially activating special bees for super fun!

Fill up the Honey Meter to trigger the sticky sweet free spins that can start with up to 3 Wilds, potentially giving you big, satisfying wins. See what all the buzz is about, get ready to enjoy THE HIVE! The Hive features a 3-4-5-4-3 layout to create a unique playing experience. Bees with special effects rule The Hive. Fill the Honey Meter to full for free spins.

Meet the bees of The Hive, with each spin, a Bee can spawn around the Hive. There are 3 types of Bees:

  • The Queen Bee summons a swarm of other bees, including Queen Bees. Every consecutive spin the Queen summons a new bee, and the total number of summoned bees is always random. The bees surround the hive and significantly increase your chances of getting that sweet gold.
  • The Drone Bees will fill the Honey Meter, triggering Free Spins when full. The more Drone Bees allow filling the jar much faster. Every drone bee around the hive fills the Honey Meter by one level.
  • The Worker Bees award a stacking multiplier to every win aligned to them. The Multiplier increases with the number of other Worker Bees surrounding the Hive. Its value equals the number of Worker Bees + 1. The multiplier applies only to the winning pay lines aligned with a Worker Bee.

Both Drone and Worker bees can be activated an unlimited number of times as they travel around the grid.

Bees of any type can spawn randomly with every spin. The Bees will move clockwise to 1 position around the Hive Grid with each consecutive spin. Bees fly away after a random number of spins. Worker Bees will trigger their activity if at least one Worker Bee is aligned with a winning pay line.


Sticky Sweet Free Spins

Free Spins in The Hive are awarded when the Honey Meter is filled, and whenever it's fully charged, you are awarded 5 Free Spins. The meter has 12 levels, and the drone bees fill the meter by 1 level each. The feature starts with up to 3 Honey Burst Spreading Wilds. As soon as the bonus round begins, all bees around the honeycomb will fly away and come back after the feature expires, occupying their previous spots around the hive.

Honey burst spreading Wilds

During Free Spins, 1, 2, or 3 Honey Burst Spreading Wilds will appear on the Hive Grid. The Wilds will spread from their initial positions to adjacent honeycomb cells every consecutive spin and spread until there are no spare positions left or there are no more spins left. By the end of the bonus, all Wilds will disappear.