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Space: the new frontier… who knows what dangers and wonders you might encounter once you leave Earth’s atmosphere!

Space Bucks is a video slot that will take you light years into the cosmos, with only one goal: harvesting riches from the planets. Beware of hostile aliens that you might encounter and get ready for a fun and rewarding experience.

Space Bucks is a fun and colourful game set in the depths of space, with a unique, cartoonish tone that makes it look quite unique.

The background shows a fierce battle between humans and green, octopus-like aliens. The command buttons have the appearance of the controls of a starship with planets orbiting.

The basic rules are much easier than piloting a spaceship across the galaxy! All you need to do is use the controls under the reels.

The game layout is 5 reels with 25 pay lines, indicating where symbols have to land to trigger cash rewards. Use the command bar to pick a denomination and a line wager, and activate as many pay lines as you like at the same time. Spin the reels once you are ready, and the rest is of course up to luck.

The different rewards of Space Bucks depend on the symbol combinations that appear across the reels and the size of your total wager as well. If you decide to bet more, then you are in for some bigger rewards during the game. You might even want to go all-in and use the bet max shortcut to do so in a single click of your mouse.

The Jack, Queen, King and Ace are by far the most common symbols of the game, worth between 10 and 250 credits. They have all been redesigned to look like rock formations from other planets.

Different space adventurers and alien species make up the rest of the symbol menu. These 5 last icons are quite original and worth up to 2,000 credits. The last two even allow short combinations of 2 symbols to count, for a small cash prize. The pay table gives you plenty of ways to win, but there are still surprises awaiting you.

The free spin bonus can prove particularly generous, so it is definitely in your best interest to keep an eye out for the scatter symbols at all times during the game. Trust your intuition and do not hesitate to boost your wager a little if you feel that luck is on your side.



The scatter symbol offers Free Spins regardless of where it lands on the reels.

Wild card

There are different bonus symbols, such as a wild card. This symbol can replace all the basic symbols listed above, or combine to win extra prizes going up to 10,000 credits.

Free Spins

Find 3 or more of them to win up to 50 free games to multiply your chances of winning big for no cost at all.

Bonus Feature

The rocket symbol can trigger a bonus feature for a combination of 3 or more on a pay line. Shoot the asteroids coming your way and win some nice prizes in exchange.