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Pirate Sharky

Pirate Sharky


Join Captain Sharky on his pirate journey – looting and plundering!

The voyage begins on the 4x5 grid stylised as an old, creaky ship, fitted with mighty weaponry on top! The reels of the slot represent the deck of the ship, line up pirate crew-members or knotted royal symbols on one of 12 lines to get your win. Of course, there is also the main villain himself – Pirate Sharky. Chained up in the main game Pirate Sharky cannot get to all those money bags, with promising prizes on them. You will need to hit 3 or more Pirate Sharky symbols to get to the Free Spins and loot those enticing rewards.

Somewhere in the tropical seas of the Caribbean, a very strange crew of pirates navigates their run-down ship to undiscovered treasures. In Playson’s new game “Pirate Sharky” a squad of peculiar fish got their hands on an old pirate vessel and are now on a quest to find some fame, adventures and of course gold.

Only the best were meant to get on the team with the Pirate Sharky himself, but somehow he ended with these fellows… Pirate Sharky’s team include a trustworthy crab-cook, phlegmatic cannoneer seahorse, unshakable skipper squid and a rather odd pufferfish, that is in charge of explosives on the ship. Sharky’s squad members make up 4 high-paying symbols of the game, while the low-paying symbols are theme-styled royals.

Pirate Sharky himself and the money bags are a different story though. Pirate Sharky is a scatter symbol in the main game, while the money bags are merely middle-paying symbols. However, it gets much more interesting in Free Spins – Pirate Shaky gets finally unchained during Free Spins and gets all the gold that he desires.

Money bag symbols are activated during the Free Spins and whenever Pirate Sharky and money bags are on the screen, he gets to loot all their desirable values.

Moreover, whenever Pirate Sharky loots enough bags, he pulls out his trusty treasure map and looks for more treasures on the reels, while also multiplying all their winnings!


Scatter Symbol

3 or more Scatter symbols trigger Free Spins. Appears on all reels in Main Game only.

Wild Symbol

Substitutes for all symbols. Collects all values from the Money Bag symbol in Free Spins. Appears on all reels in Free Spins only.

Money Bag Symbol

Money Bag symbol contain random value from 2x to 50x bets. Money Bag symbol value can only be collected during Free Spins. Symbol can form winning combinations both in Main Game and in Free Spins.

Free Spins

3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols during Main Game trigger 10, 15 or 20 Free Spins respectively. Scatter symbols do not appear during Free Spins. Wild symbols appear in Free Spins – every third, sixth and ninth Wild symbol collected grants 3 additional Free Spins.

Money Bag Collect

Any Wild Symbol landing on the reels during Free Spins collects all the monetary values from the Money Bag symbol on the reels. Collected values are added to the total win of Free Spins.

Progress Panel

Any Wild Symbol landing on the reels during Free Spins fills progress bar on top of the reels. Every third Wild Symbol collected grants Treasure Hunt Feature.

Treasure Hunt feature

During Treasure Hunt feature additional Money Bag symbols are added on the reels. All Money Bag symbols collected during Treasure Hunt feature are multiplied by 2, 3, 10 or 100 depending on the amount of Wild symbols collected in the progress bar. Every Treasure Hunt feature except the last one (x100) grants additional 3 Free Spins.