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A classic story in a slot game!!

  • Overview: 5 reels, 15 lines, Changing Worlds, Respins, Wild symbols and Double Up Mingame.
  • Number of lines: 15
  • Reels: 5
  • Autospin: Yes
  • Denominations: 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 25c, 50c, €1
  • Min/Max Bet: 1c – €125
  • Bets per line: 1 – 5
  • Tags: 3d fantasy respins wild

A classic story in a slot game!!

The warmth of Gepetto’s old world workshop is inviting and cozy, encouraging you to come in and spin a while! With darling interpretations of this favorite fairy tale, you will be utterly charmed while you play PINOCCHIO.


Unlock Real Boy Mode

Achieve REAL BOY MODE by collecting REAL BOY mini-symbols during gameplay, no matter which world you’re currently in! Collect a total of 5 REAL BOY mini-symbols and REAL BOY mode will be triggered.

All PINOCCHIO Symbols are WOOD BOY symbols during standard gameplay. During the transformation to REAL BOY mode, all WOOD BOY symbols will turn into REAL BOY symbols.

REAL BOY symbols are wild for all symbols except WAGON, BOOKS, and any SCATTER symbols. During REAL BOY mode, collect a total of 5 WOOD BOY symbols to return to WOOD BOY mode.

Fairy Awesome Respins

When there is no win situation where reel I, II, or III’s stopping position prevented you from earning a 5x COMBO (except for REAL BOY symbols) on the reels, your FAIRY COMPANION will appear on the reels, magically respinning that reel for a second chance to win!

This respin is FREE and will not decrease the spins remaining when in any secondary world or during any other feature. This respin will occur before any other features (WILD reel, or any collectible symbol) and may cancel that pre-existing feature.

Changing Worlds

The WORKSHOP is Pinocchio’s primary world and where you will begin the game. During each spin in the WORKSHOP world, the special WAGON and BOOKS symbols may appear on reels II and IV.

Each time one of these symbols occurs, it will be collected towards being transported to different worlds, STAGE, CLASSROOM and PINOCCHIO new world.

Primary World: The Workshop

Receive a GEPETTO symbol on reel III to trigger the WILD SCROLL feature. When triggered, this Scroll will move across from right to left, respinning the reels as it goes across. Each respin is FREE and can earn brand new wins!

Secondary World: The Classroom

Receive a BOOKS symbol on reels I, III and V to trigger the WILD SCROLL feature. When triggered in this world, the WILD SCROLL will move down the reel it was triggered on, each time respinning the reels. Each respin is FREE and can earn brand new wins!

Secondary World: The Stage

Receive a WAGON symbol on the middle reel (after payment of any winnings), and this reel will become a WILD SCROLL WILD REEL! This reel will remain WILD for 5 complete respins. Each respin is FREE and can earn brand new wins!

Double Up Minigame

After any standard payout or scatter winnings (excluding winnings after respins) you will have the opportunity to select the DOUBLE UP option. HEADS or TAILS. Any correct guess will double your winnings! An incorrect