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Ogre Empire

Ogre Empire


Travel to a land of magical enchantment!

  • Overview: Ogre Empire is a 5 Reel, 25 Line video slot machine game with a Day/Night feature, multiple Wild symbol features, and a double up minigame. • Game pays Left to Right. • Only the highest paying win on a line will be paid.
  • Number of lines: 25
  • Reels: 5
  • Autospin: Yes
  • Denominations: 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 25c, 50c, €1
  • Min/Max Bet: 25c – €25
  • Default bet: €1.25
  • Tags: 3d fantasy

Kingdoms are the home to Kings and Queens, Jokers and… an Ogre?!

Join the townspeople of a fantasy kingdom with a rather inconvenient Ogre problem!

An innovative Day/Night cycle switches up gameplay and allows you to experience what life is like for the people who live in the town.

During the day, the Ogre is awake and active while the townsfolk sleep. And it’s no wonder, as the Ogre will occasionally smash stone symbols, offering extra rewards!

Once night falls, the Ogre will drift to sleep and the townsfolk emerge from their stone homes. Only appearing on the reels during night mode, they bring royal rewards! Higher payouts and the Joker emerges as well and brings with him merriment and 2x WILD WINS!


Day & Night Modes

Life is different from Day to Night. As the reels change, so does gameplay. Daytime brings with it the Ogre’s unstable nature, where he may smash the reels. At night, the townsfolk come out to play and bring with them BIG WINS!

Day Bloom Wilds

During the Day players can find the magical Day Bloom Wild, a wildflower that blooms only during the day and will spread to up to three other adjacent symbols!

Night Bloom Wilds

At night, players can find the mystical Night Bloom Wild, a wildflower that blooms only at night and shoots its glowing spores on up to three other symbols ANYWHERE on the reels, turning them wild as well!

Joker Wilds

As night, along with the return of the King and Queen, the Joker comes out to play! When he appears on the reels he brings with him merriment and a WILD nature that is also a 2x multiplier!