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Kingdom of the Sun: Golden Age

Kingdom of the Sun: Golden Age


  • Overview: Discover the King’s treasure room and all the riches that can be yours
  • Number of lines: 15
  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 3
  • Tags: myth respins wild

How about a little bit of warmth during winter? Then take a pleasant journey into the ‘Kingdom of the Sun: Golden Age’.

‘Kingdom of the Sun: Golden Age’ is Egypt-themed video slot with 5 reel, 3 row, 15 lines, surrounded by diamonds and golden coins. All the game symbols are drawn as fresco of noble Egyptians, totem animals and ancient scrolls, the wind will shake the palm trees which are depicted in the background, and portrays a window and its landscapes from the King’s treasure room. On the foreground, chests with gems and gold boast the King’s riches

You will need to uncover the secrets of the relationship between Cleopatra and the pharaoh who met in secret and kept it in secret. If you fulfil all the tasks of the rulers, you will get awarded with incredible wealth and gold ornaments.

The key feature is the Spreading Bonus for this classical Egypt-theme slot. During the feature, Bonus symbols transform into top or Wild symbols to compose big win combinations. And in the main game ‘Sun Compass’ feature transforms a group of royal symbols into mid symbols.

If during either of the bonus features all the symbols on the reels are transformed into the same symbol you will receive and additional cash prize.

There are 2 symbols that should be of the great interest for you: Bonus and Wild symbols. After a series of re-spins, they can bring you an Ultimate win of 500 bets!

In the main feature of the game, flame animations are used to attract attention and ‘burn’ out the low symbols on the game field. This creates an effect of only-top-symbols payments, which entices anyone.

During Big Win animations vibrant fire and golden coins will attract the eyes of the players, thus making the most valuable gameplay moments stick in mind.

If you click on the "i", you will see that the Pay Table is already displayed in the exact money value according to your bet and able to check each one of them.



Substitutes all symbols. Get 5 wilds and you will win 1750.


There are two bonus features when playing Kingdom of the Sun: Golden Age:

Spreading Bonus

When the Bonus symbol appears on the 1st reel of the main game only, that triggers the Spreading Bonus feature. The Spreading Bonus feature is a series of re-spins. During these re-spins, Bonus symbols are sticky symbols and remain in their position on the reels until the end of the mode.

During Spreading Bonus, all adjacent to Bonus symbol A, K, Q, J symbols are transformed into Bonus symbols. The rest of the symbols are not active. The feature lasts until transformations are available. At the end of the feature, all Bonus symbols transform into one of the top symbols or Wild symbols , all winnings are paid,and all other symbols become active.. Spreading Bonus feature is played with the last bet set.

Sun Compass Bonus

'Sun Compass' feature is triggered, when glowing mid symbol lands on the reels during main game. Arrow on the symbol randomly chooses one of the directions: above, below, to the left or to the right, after the reels are stopped. If in the chosen direction there is an adjacent group of low symbols, it will transform them into a mid glowing symbol. Afterwards, the winnings are paid.

Ultimate Win

Double your winnings with Sun Compass or Spreading Bonus features. Cover the whole game field with one type of symbol and/or Wild symbols the winnings are doubled x2. You can win up to 52,500, upon the value of the symbols and your bet.