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Juice Inc.

Juice Inc.


Fill the bottles, get the GRAND WIN - but watch out for X-crates!

  • Overview: Novel format slot, 1 line, accumulator, progress reset
  • Number of lines: 1
  • Reels: 3
  • Rows: 1
  • Autospin: Yes
  • Min/Max Bet: 20c – €100
  • Default bet: €1.50
  • Tags: colourful fruits

Welcome to Juice Inc. – the corporation of Juice! This is a new type of experience, even to the most seasoned slot game players. At first glance, the game might appear as a simple fruit game with three reels and one winning line, but do not be fooled by the looks – Juice Inc. is packing some secrets! By lining up three lemons, apples or cherries, you fill one of the Juice bottles, which in turn, fills the prize pot. You may collect the prize pot at any moment and this is where it gets exciting.

By adding choice to the game, you'll find a whole new level of thrill and strategy! Though tread carefully, there are not only lemons, apples and cherries on the reels – if you are not careful, you might line up three “X-crates” symbols and empty your bottles, resetting your progress!

Select your own strategies and try to fill some juice in the busy factory of the Juice Inc.!


Line Win:

Landing 3 Fruit symbols in a line fills up the corresponding Juice Bottle.


Landing 3 “X-Crate” symbols in a line resets the filling progress of all three Juice Bottles.

Collect Button:

Collect your winnings at any time. Collect button transfers all the accumulated winnings from the prize pot to the Players balance.

Bottle Win:

Hitting 3 Fruits of an already filled Bottle results in a Bottle Win. Bottle Win rewards a top prize of the filled bottle. 300x for Apple Bottle, 100x for Lemon Bottle, 32x for Cherry Bottle.

Grand Win:

Filling all 3 Bottles at the same time results in a 1000x GRAND WIN. The Juice progress is reset after the 1000x GRAND WIN.