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Gold Tiger Ascent

Gold Tiger Ascent


Will you climb the mountains looking for the Gold Tiger and his magic?

Take a journey into the high mountains in GOLD TIGER ASCENT! This 3-reel, 3 row slot, featuring an iconic golden tiger character, pays on 3 of a kind on any payline.

Innovative functionality allows for MAGIC RED ENVELOPES to appear on the reels, and these ENVELOPES can reveal WILDS, instant cash wins, high value symbols, and even SCATTERS that pay and offer generous FREE SPINS!

During FREE SPINS mode, the MAGIC RED ENVELOPES have even more power: there can be up to 5 ENVELOPES with SCATTERS, and up to 9 ENVELOPES with other symbols! This offers unprecedented chances to win!


Magic Red Envelopes

With every spin there’s a chance that 3-5 MAGIC RED ENVELOPES will land on the reels, which can reveal instant cash wins, high value symbols, WILDS, and even SCATTERS!

Free Spins

3-9 MAGIC RED ENVELOPES are guaranteed to appear on the reels for every FREE SPIN, greatly increasing your chances to win!

Buy Feature

Tired of waiting for FREE SPINS? Buy access to them at any time!