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Goblin Hideout

Goblin Hideout


The goblins far from terrifying and made to intrigue as well as delight with amazing prizes.

  • Overview: The goblins far from terrifying and made to intrigue as well as delight with amazing prizes.
  • Number of lines: 25
  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 3
  • Autospin: Yes
  • Denominations: 1c, 5c, 10c, 25c
  • Min/Max Bet: 1c – €6
  • Default bet: €1.25
  • Tags: fantasy

Imagine that you are walking along, taking in the fresh air and stunning countryside, when out of nowhere you spot a goblin dashing into one of the nearby holes. Gripped by curiosity you decide to follow suit and see what they are up to, convincing yourself they must be doing something uncalled for and wicked.

When you crawl down there and out the other side, though confined, you spot that you are among a network of goblin hideouts, various different groups of the creatures conducting underworld business away from prying eyes. At this point, you have to make a decision of whether you play their game and try and unlock their riches, or walk away and deal with having seen but not touched greatness.

Goblins Hideout is a game of 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 pay lines with 11 great symbols designed so that only goblin hands can work them properly. Fortunately, you will find a way of bypassing this security, and it is then when you start to play.

You might not have thought about it, but goblins have general concerns just like the rest of us, even despite their transgressor nature. Their latest problem is with a rat infestation, which you will now have to help them with seeing as you had to go sticking your nose in where it didn’t belong.

To get the rats in prime position, you’ll need three or more of the bonus symbols. Upon completion you will need to click and match up the rats before you, the ones with identical matches will become ensnared and their totals added to your final win.

In addition to the rats, you have more pleasant experiences, such as finding the scatter symbol and unlocking some free spins, or taking on the wild and winning up to 4,000 coins.

Goblins Hideout is a slot machine that you can play many times over, and each time you’ll get a different turnout.


Free Spins

Free spins are triggered when 3 or more Scatter symbols appear. Five scatters give you 10 free spins, four gives 5 and three gives 2.


Wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except free spins.

Bonus Round

Hit three bonus round symbols (Goblin) on any pay line and trigger the bonus round. Bonus symbol appears on reel 2, 3 and 4. Click on Rat for the Goblin to Zap, each Rat choice will display a prize amount. When 2 Rats display equal amounts, that prize amount will be awarded. Prize payout is multiplied by the number of pay lines hit with all 3 bonus icons