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Gears of Time

Gears of Time


Join the suspense in the Gears of Time as Miles Bellhouse finds his way through Past, Present, and Future, and magnify your wins with time charged wilds!

Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time, a sequel of The Curious Machine, has been experimenting with Time again! Gears of Time delivers 5 reels x 5 rows, on which you will be able to form your winning clusters of symbols, bonus games, and free spins are going to be available among its special features, but there are also Cascading Reels, Clusters of Time where the Past, the Present and the Future provide a new and exciting gameplay experience!

The game is very impressive, and you will see Miles and his robot friend, Gizmo, shift to different aged versions of themselves as the game mode shifts between present, past, and future.

With every spin, the game will randomly select 5 positions which may be covered by a winning Cluster at the end of each cascade. The more winning Clusters that cover selected positions, the greater chance to trigger one of the special Time Travelling features!


Cluster of Time

The game will randomly select 5 positions on the 5×5 grid with every spin. The more clusters that cover the positions, the higher the chance to trigger one of the Time Travelling events.

There are 3 Time Travelling events in the game – Past, Present, and Future.

If the Past event is triggered, the game awards a replay of the last spin, another cascade of non-matching symbols will occur, improving your chances of a win. This cascade repeats 5 times in an attempt to improve the past, then the total payout is calculated.

Present event applies a random 2x – 20x multiplier to wins! The multiplier is applied to all wins from your initial spin. After all winning cascades have completed and the symbols have settled into place, the multiplier is added to your cumulative wins from that spin!

If the Future event is triggered, the game selects a random symbol from the grid and guarantees a large number of that symbols in a Free Re-spin! 10 or more identical symbols will cascade down the time stream from the future. This increases your chances of winning big.

Free Spins

Time flies with Free Spins! These are triggered when winning clusters cover all 5 randomly selected positions on the grid!

Choose your time event for free spins and see whether it will take advantage of the past, present, or future.

Past. 12 free spins are awarded. Free Spins receive an extra re-cascade at the end of every spin in an attempt to rewrite the past.

Present. 10 free spins are awarded. Free Spins all receive a randomly applied 2x-20x multiplier to each spin´s wins to make the most of the present.

Future. 6 free spins are awarded. 10 or more of a randomly selected symbol will be plucked from the future to appear on the grid with every spin. A new symbol will be randomly picked with each new spin.

Time Charged Wilds

The WILD symbol substitutes for any other symbol in the game! Note: the Wild will never pay on its own (only substituting for payable symbols in clusters)