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Fruity Fortune Plus

Fruity Fortune Plus


Who can deny that fruit is king when it comes to slot machines? It simply says: "Classic!"

This fruit-based slot is a 3x5 grid bringing an explosion of colour and equally attractive fruit, the images not quite as retro as the Las Vegas originals, but more modern and even more vivid. Give Fruity Fortune Plus a try – it's got a lot of flavour that'll wake up those tastebuds. Don’t believe us? Give it a try and prove us wrong!

Bonus Round

In the bonus round you can slice through the fruit which is strangely satisfying, as is the uniform size we cut the chunks into, but this mini level has a frantic edge to it because you have to hack away at the fruit floating about the screen.

Free Spins

Banana splits take you round in a circle as they line up and trigger the free spins feature. Much like any slot machine, users will need a minimum amount of three sundae tiles and a max of five for anything to happen. Once you've met the criteria, the spins equal in worth to the number of symbols you found will get started - the most rounds you can get is 75.