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Crystal Crush

Crystal Crush


Colorful, vibrant crystal cascades bring great prizes!

  • Overview: No reels, the slot is played on the hexagonal 61-cell grid. Winnings are paid for 5 or more alike symbols adjacent by sides.Features: Wild symbol, Crystallized symbol, Crystal Bonuses,Winning Multipliers,Random Wild symbols and Crystal Crush.
  • Autospin: Yes
  • Min/Max Bet: 25c – €25
  • Default bet: €1.25
  • Tags: cluster pays colourful wild

Colorful, vibrant crystal cascades bring great prizes!

The game field is a hexagonal grid with 61 cells. Winnings are paid for 5 or more alike symbols, which are adjacent by sides. Winning symbols disappear and symbols fall down to fill empty cells. Multiple combinations of the same symbol that are not adjacent to each other pay separately. The round finishes when there are no more winning combinations on the game field


Wild symbol

Wild symbols substitute all symbols except crystallized symbols.

Crystal Bonuses

Each ordinary symbol has its progress bar, by filling which you get bonuses which affect this type of symbols. Crystallized symbols fill in the progress bar of the corresponding color symbol. To crush a crystallized symbol, gather a winning combination adjacent to it. Crushed crystallized symbols become ordinary symbols.

Every third crushed crystallized symbol grants a new bonus level. Bonuses generated simultaneously activated in succession. There are 6 levels of bonuses!!