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Fly, fly little Bird!

Sing, fly and chirp again.

A new exciting 3D Slot Machine is here, in which you can fly around freely, and you will be bursting with prizes and free spins.

Have fun at the Park and watch the birds flying and jumping among the trees and cables.


Free Flights

The FREE FLIGHTS METER on the left side of the game screen will fill each time a winning flight of birds takes off from the reels in a round. When the fill meter reaches 4, FREE ROUNDS are triggered. The meter will empty at the end of the current round if it is not fully filled. Note: During free rounds, additional free rounds may be added without limit.

Wild Symbol

The WILD bird counts as any other kind of bird and can complete more than one combo at a time. The WILD bird can appear on any reel.

Double Up

After any spin you may choose to DOUBLE your winnings! Choose to bet either all or 50% of your winnings on a double or nothing coin toss. Choose whether the next coin flip will be heads or tails.