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Comedy-themed Slots

If there’s one pairing that many will turn their heads at, it’s casino games and comedy. Why? Because the two aren’t traditionally known to go hand in hand. If you think about it, the pair are actually well suited.

Comedy is used to alleviate stress and tension, to relax and have a good time, and release some good endorphins, while strengthening social bonds. All of these descriptors can be applied to online slots – they can alleviate stress, allow people to relax, and release endorphins, and can be a dramatic and exciting experience if played with others.

Fun slots are very popular because they combine colorful graphics with exciting features that can help the players win some impressive prizes.

The reels are usually covered with funny cartoon characters and there are also different special effects, which keep the players entertained while they go after the big payouts

The Tipsy Tourist. Get away from the office and into the sun this Summer with THE TIPSY TOURIST! Join Gary as he takes a flight to Miami Beach and enjoys the sun, sand and lovely ladies as he unwinds with a cold drink in hand. This will surely be a vacation to remember!

"The Tipsy Tourist" is a really fun online video slot game with 20 pay-lines and 5 reels. You'll take on the role of a bored office worker who just has to get away from the mundane routine of everyday life and experience some real-life. The main idea hiding behind this slot is a relaxing holiday at some exotic beach and the reels are set on some kind of a large wooden sign against the background of palm trees and blue skies. Strong, colorful symbols give the game a consistently bright and fun feeling.

You can win some great bonus games and features including Beach ball Free Spins, Wild Beach Signs, Clingy Wilds, and a Drinking Bonus Game.

Claws vs Paws. We have some thieving cats in town, stealing jewelry from a vault and being chased by a police dog through the reels of the Claws vs Paws video slot machine.

It's an entertaining cartoon adventure, yet it has great earning potential and a wide range of rewarding bonus features, including the reel spins that are reactivated in the base game, big wins from the cat that hacks the computer, and 3 different rounds of free spins, each with special cat treats.

The five reels are crossed with 20 pay lines, all of which are permanently active and 3 or more symbols of the same type across a line, will result in a winning spin.

Each symbol has a lot of detail and some clever design touches, such as the background image of a city street where the columns of a bench look like bones and a cat-shaped door, where all the furry cats are found. The game is complemented by a jazz soundtrack that fits the theme perfectly.

Will you be part of the cat thieves or will you help the police dog?