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Classic Style Slot Games

Anyone who remembers the days of playing slot games in pubs and clubs, bars and land-based casinos, will know all about the look and feel of playing a classic slot game. These early days machines, which often featured a lever at the side to set the reels off spinning, also featured the icons of fruit which have now become synonymous with such products. Therefore, it stands to reason that classic online slots tend to also include the same symbols, those being of the watermelon, cherries, lemons, and so on. These are often merged with 7s, BARs, and bells, to provide users with a thoroughly traditional slot gaming experience.

Classic slots also feature three reels – the same kind of layout that the original land-based machines used to have. There’s usually a single pay line included, which runs through the center of all three reels, and this provides the payouts. The objective of such games was always to simply insert your coins, spin the reels and try to line up a winning combination of symbols. This, of course, provides the base game for all slot products, but when it comes to classic slots, they don’t feature such added extras that tend to appear in other variations, like the 5-reel video slots.

While classic slots have taken a seat on the back burner thanks to advances in technology allowing for more detailed games with added perks to them, there is still something quite intriguing about participating in a few rounds of fruit-based spinning. There’s a lot more freedom to create thematic games with the 5-reel video slots, for example, but they hark back to the olden days of slot machines that come from playing a classic slot product can’t really be matched by anything else.

And while bonus features are not really something that is included in classics, there are one or two out there that will offer up one of the incorporated symbols as a wild icon. Therefore, it’s sometimes the case that you’ll see a classic slot product that offers up a gold star as its wild symbol, to substitute for all others that appear on the reels.

Online slot machines usually include characters to represent the type of theme it is related to, but in the case of the classic themed slots there are obvious differences because as its name suggests, the use of symbols is necessarily self-restricting in order to maintain the very nature of the genre, consequently, they do not have bonus games or free spins rounds. Most of the symbols that you will find in games with this theme will be the same as those that made Vegas great such as BAR, lucky 7, the bell, cherries, and diamonds, which together with a classic design, will offer you a generous number of payouts.

And just because a slot game is considered part of the classic genre, doesn’t necessarily mean it will come in the form of substandard graphics and gameplay. It’s quite the contrary for a lot of them, actually. Many offer up visually pleasing 3D or vividly colored versions of the norm, providing a sort of revamped and updated model of the classically known product. So, classic slots may take the idea of the original slot machines, but oftentimes, they’ll be injected with enough contemporary imagery to appeal to a wider audience.