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Cascading Reels Feature Slot Games

Experience the new function and the great difference that cascading reels offer to classic reels and numerous opportunities to earn more. There is a big difference between the slots that include the standard spinning reels and those that include the cascading reels. 

Slot games nowadays have many different features incorporated into their gameplay, and one of these features is something known as cascading reels. The reels take on a movement of their own instead of just a standard spin, bringing an ultimately new experience to playing such a game.

With this feature, symbols now have the ability to essentially vanish while being replaced with new symbols, which gives you an incredible opportunity to increase your winnings on just about each and every spin.

When cascading reels are brought into play this brings forth a new way of seeing how the reels move. This particular game feature sees the symbols included on the reels fall from the screen as though gravity has just taken its toll on them and sent them tumbling to Earth. Once these symbols have cleared off the screen, new ones drop from the top to fill their empty spaces. So, rather than the reels and symbols spinning, they cascade off the bottom of the screen and on from the very top.

However, this is not the only interesting feature that they offer. Should any of the symbols fall from the top and create a winning combination, the icons included in the win will also cascade down and off the screen to be replaced by even more new symbols. Therefore, such a feature not only provides a unique and interesting visual experience in terms of the way that symbols are provided after a spin, but it also provides players with extra chances of winning even further.

While standard reels tend to provide a standard slot game experience in terms of the way they operate, the cascading reels have an alternative appearance and animation. The extra feature of cascading reels makes them slightly more appealing overall, considering the winning symbols disappear to make room for more new ones. This gives you on the games with this feature a bit more opportunity to create consecutive winning combinations, and therefore the possibility to trigger more in-game features and stronger winnings from a single ‘Spin’.

Falling Reels goes by other names, depending on the developer, Cascading Reels, Rolling Reels, etc., but in general, there are two features that will happen, if a winning combination is formed the symbols will explode and vanish from the screen. The symbols positioned above the pay line on the reels will then drop down to replace them. If a new winning combination is formed, this will also disappear, and the process carries on until no winning combo is formed.