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Bonus Round Feature Slot Games

One of the most attractive features of any slots game is the bonus round or rounds. These are special features that can be triggered as you spin through the reels, which often have the result of increasing your winnings for the duration of the round. They come in a variety of different formats and sizes, however, bonus rounds fulfill the same function. It is where the volume of the money is to be won, and it is a target for everyone to aspire to with each and every spin.

Bonuses can appear at any time in a slot. Some games have random cash wins that appear during gameplay. Most bonuses, however, are triggered by lining up certain symbols on the reels. These can be Wilds or bonus Scatters which pay out wherever they land on the reels

Some of the most popular online slot bonuses are as follows:

Random Win/Click Me Feature

Some games will reward a random prize during the base game. These can appear at any time and may include a small cash win or a single re-spin. Click Me/Instant Win bonuses are usually triggered by landing three Scatters anywhere or three from left-to-right. The icons will turn into mystery symbols on-screen and you'll have to select one to reveal a prize.

Free Spins

The most popular bonus feature in online slots is the Free Spins bonus. Free Spins features come in many palates, but the most common is triggered by hitting three or more bonus Scatters. Generally, free spins will have a multiplier attached.

Pick Me bonus

This bonus is also triggered by hitting three or more pertinent bonus symbols on the reels. Commonly, you will be taken to a second screen where you will have a choice of 8-12 objects. Each one hides a cash prize, a multiplier, or sometimes free spins. You have a set number of picks or you get to keep picking until you hit the 'Collect' symbol. Once that happens, you may return to the reels and continue the game as normal.

Wild/Scatter Combos

Some slots award simple cash bonuses if you hit combinations of symbols on the reels. It might be Scatters on the middle reels only, or a Scatter and a Wild together.

Trail Bonus

Usually triggered by hitting three or more bonus scatters on the reels, a Trail Bonus plays a little like a board game. On a second screen, you will spin a wheel or roll a dice to move a character along a prize trail. Along the way, you may win cash prizes, free spins or prize multipliers.

Combat Rounds

Some newer slots feature fight rounds where your chosen 'fighter' takes part in a battle. There is not much to do, as it is only a matter of selecting the fighters and watching the outcome.

Progressive Multiplier

Instead of bonus rounds, some slots feature progressive multipliers. These usually take the form of a meter up the side of the reels which run 1x, 2x, 3x and so on.

Skill Games

More and more, developers are incorporating skill-based, or arcade, games into their slots. These bonus rounds require a little more than just picking up boxes. Instead, you will need to use your mouse to aim and shoot at targets or land punches on an opponent. The more you hit, the more you win.