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Action-themed Slots

The action theme has been well exploited in numerous sectors in the entertainment business including films, books, and even in the casino industry. Slots have especially been used to portray it since they stand as the easiest games to use themes in.

Some key aspects that are found in slots are used to place them in a specific category, and it also applies for Action themed slots. Some of these characteristics include:

Guns. Firearms are a big part of the action; therefore, it goes without saying that they would be included in most of the slot games.

Swords. These tools are used to substitute action slots that are based in medieval times or any other age that came before the existence of firearms. It can also be used in modern Chinese slots seeing that the culture is still big on the use of swords in martial arts.

Cars. Most action films involve the use of cars in the high-speed chases and getaways, which means they would also land a spot in the slot machine games carrying the same theme.

Action characters. There need to be characters to execute the action, and they are also included in the slot games.

Most of these slots are used to represent special icons such as wilds and scatters. The slots can also carry other icons such as playing card symbols that lie anywhere between A and seven. Regarding bonus features, there is a large variety of them according to the slot game. Some of these bonus offers include:

Free Spins. These are about the most common bonuses found in action slots. They are triggered when the icons set aside for their bonus are matched on the reels. When these bonuses are playing, the winnings earned translate to actual cash. They can carry other bonuses within them such as wilds and multipliers depending on how they are built.

Wilds. Aside from free spins, this may stand as the most popular of all bonuses. Wilds can be used to replace any icon on the reels to form a winning combo. Additionally, they can be arranged to form combinations of their own that mostly have among the highest payouts. They can be offered in different kinds including expanding wilds, stacked wilds, walking wilds, sticky wilds, or replicating wilds. They all serve the same purpose of replacing all characters on the reels except scatters, but they do it in different ways.

Multipliers. Multipliers are offered to multiply players’ winnings or wagers by the amount that they have acquired. For instance, if a twenty times multiplier has been earned during a one hundred euro wager round, the player will be rewarded with two thousand euros. This stands as one of the most coveted rewards in games.

Gamble feature. This bonus allows the player to double their winnings by letting them guess the correct color of a down-facing card or other types of guesses. Some games allow the player to guess as many as four times if they guess correctly each time.

Scatters. These act as special icons in the game and are mostly used to trigger the top bonuses. They could be a bonus game or the jackpot amount. This special symbol is the only one in slots that cannot be replaced by wild icons.