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7 Reel Slot Games

7-reel slots are video slots that consist of seven vertical reels packed with 20-50 symbols each. Winning combinations payout depending on which pay line they land on. And, just as with 5-reel slots, Wilds and Scatters can add to the regular base game wins if they help form winners.

7-reel slots are played across traditional grids of reels and rows. In 'classic' 7-reel slots there will usually be just 9 or 10 pay lines, surprising considering how many potential combinations are possible. Betting stakes might be limited too: typically, you can bet 1, 2 or 3 coins on each pay line.

Number 7 is a lucky one for many people they believe that this number can bring great payouts. The game is designed in such a way that a player can get at least a small win on each spin. Most of the 7 reels slots also feature the number as a symbol on the reels.

The difference between playing a seven reel slot and any other game is minimal. Things are quite simple as the 7 reel slots only have seven pay-lines and do not have too detailed graphics, animations or videos which are the focus of their 5 reel counterparts. However, you will be able to find free spins, multipliers, and symbols that boost the credits on winning combinations and the possibility to double up your winnings when this extra option is offered in the game.

Managing to follow and play a 7-reel slot is challenging but also gives players the chance to enjoy something new and different from the variants they are accustomed to seeing. The interface of the game is different. A higher number of reels means that there is a stronger possibility to create longer winning combinations, therefore the chance for bigger payouts. Moreover, this variant presents a brand new dynamics which some players enjoy quite a lot.

These slots are for those gamer who ascribe to the “more is never enough” theory. The seven reel slots are also a nice change for anyone who likes 3 and 5 reels slots, the more reels, the more ways to win the game.