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6 Reel Slot Games

As the name suggests, 6-reel slots play with an unconventional six reels instead of the usual five. They can come with a conventional 3x6 or 4x6 payout or Reel Boost games - feature staggered reels. This type of layout features hundreds, even thousands, of fixed win-lines, like the 720-pay-line, 243-ways-to-win and up to 4,096 pay-lines played ‘any way’. Rather than hitting conventional pay lines, you'll win prizes for matching symbols on neighboring reels.

The 6 reel slots offer you more symbols which means more fun:

  • Play across hundreds or thousands of pay lines
  • Hit stacked symbols like Wilds and Scatters
  • Enjoy Big win and special bonus features

Your biggest advantage when playing on these large-sized slots, is the volume of stacked symbols spinning before your eyes, particularly Stacked Wilds and Scatters and a whole lot of multipliers. This signifies bigger wins and more possibilities to trigger those special bonus features, like free spins rounds. Furthermore, with these slots lies the possibility of big 6 of a kind wins instead of the typical 5 of a kind. Even though they may come across as more complicated games, for some players, more complex means more entertaining. For those players who enjoy the more traditional 3×3 slots, 6-reel slots may fall a little far out of their comfort zones. But, before you dismiss them completely, just remember, more reels, mean more of everything else!

There are different types of 6-reel slots out there on the net. Traditionally, they have come from popular land-based slot machines and come in two flavors: regular slots with four rows and 6 reels, and Reel Boost games with staggered reels

Common features of regular 6-reel slots:

  • Up to 4,096 pay lines, played 'Any Way'
  • Lots of Wilds and Wild multipliers
  • Free Spins rounds

Regular 6-reel slots are played across four rows to give players as many pay lines as possible. In fact, you can expect over 4,000 pay lines as wins are calculated not on regular pay lines but on hitting matching symbols on adjacent reels.

Features of 'Reel Boost' 6-reel slots:

  • Staggered reels from two to seven symbols per reel
  • 192 pay lines covering all options
  • Stacked symbols and Wilds on all reels

The difference with Reel Boost slots is the layout of the reels. There are six reels but Reel 1 features just two symbols, Reel 2 three symbols, and so on. Reel 6 has seven symbols, and the icons typically appear stacked for bigger wins.