Miles Bellhouse and His Curious Machine

Miles Bellhouse and His Curious Machine


A bit of Time Travelling aboard Miles curious machine, always with Gizmo next to you

  • Overview: 30 Lines - 5 Reels - 3D
  • Min/Max Bet: From 1 coin to 150
  • Number of lines: 30
  • Bets per line: From 1 to 5 coins per line.
  • Denominations: 2c, 5c, 10c, 25c 50c, and 1$/€
  • Default bet: From 10c per line

The brilliant inventor Miles Bellhouse created the most wonderful time machine. Travel with Miles and Gizmo though the different eras, living the most fantastic adventure. Although nothing will be easy, the coward general Traytor wishes to hold the machine in his hands, so he can spread evil across times. Feel the great experience of time travelling on board of this funny machine!


Multiply your previous spins: With 3 or more DIANOSSAUR SYMBOLS on any of the boxes, you will activate time travelling and will receive a free spin. Miles and Gizmo will be transported on their machine millions of years into the past. During the free spins, a random multiplier will be applied with each spin. Multiplying to 5 times.

Rewind: If you do not win while you play 30 lines per spin, you can receive a second chance, one of the 5 reels can rewind randomly, providing a second chance to win. Note: The rewind function its only activated when 30 lines are played.

Savage Vortex: A winning combination, the Vortex symbol speeds up. If you do not win at any screen and obtain a vortex symbol, then spinning all the icons on the side to the vortex side, will allow a new symbol design and the option to win again. After any prize, you will have the option to double up your winnings. To double up, you simply need to click on the DOUBLE UP option, right below "SPIN", you will be taken to a secondary screen where you will be able to choose the hand in which the robot keeps the coin. If you are correct, your winnings will double up. You can press at any time to "collect" your winnings. Note: you cannot double up once the free spins have been activated or if the bonus round has not started. Bonus Round: Get 3 or more time machine symbols on any position to activate TIME TRAVELLING!!