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League of Playson Tournament

League of Playson Tournament

(Promotion expired)

Unbeatable 60K Giveaway!

There will be 350 winners in the League of Playson €60,000​ tournament running from January 15t​h to January 24t​h​! Featuring all the best Playson games with all the best features!

There is no minimum bet required for this tournament. Points are calculated round-by-round, with each ​multiple of total bet​ won during gameplay equaling ​10 points​.

For example: ​

  • 10€ won ​with ​1€ bet ​represents ​100 points.
  • 10€ won with 50c bet represents 200 points.

Log in at any time to check your points and ranking as well as all necessary information about the Tournament.

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Terms & Conditions

  1. This tournament is shared with several sites offering Playson games.

  2. The points are calculated for each round, with each total bet of several wins equaling 10 points. For instance, a win of €10 with a bet of €1 is equal to 10 multiples, which are then 100 points.

  3. Prizes will be credited to the winners' accounts within 3 business days after Tournament completion.

  4. We reserve the discretion to cancel the promotion or not to pay one or more prizes if any type of fraud or inappropriate gambling behaviour is detected.