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Guaranteed extras every day!

Guaranteed extras every day!

We always give you extras for every deposit: cash, bonuses and even free spins!

No promotions today? No problem!

At Casino Oasis EVERY deposit benefits from an 5% additional cash plus 5 free spins for every €/$ 10 deposited. And of course the bonus that corresponds to your loyalty level!

You will immediately receive your 5% in cash and your free spins when you make a deposit.

Get more for your money at Casino Oasis!

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Terms & Conditions

  1. 5% cash, bonuses and free spins will be credited automatically.

  2. The winnings from free spins are credited to your Bonus account.

  3. The promotion is always valid if and when there are no other promotions running.

  4. Casino Oasis reserves the right to cancel or reject the promotion whenever it deems necessary.

  5. The terms and conditions of the promotion are subject to the general terms and conditions of Casino Oasis.