Registering at Casino Oasis

Visit the registration page and follow these super-speedy steps:

  1. Set up your account. This requires you to select a username and password and enter your email address. This username and password will be used by you for all subsequent logins to Casino Oasis.

  2. Fill in your details. We are required to collect certain personal information in order to verify the identity of our players including full name, address, phone number and date of birth.

  3. Read our Registration & Participation Rules.

  4. Make your first deposit (optional).

Trial Player Feature

At sign up a player is registered as a Trial Player and will be given free signup bonus. These bonus funds may be used to play most bingo or casino game available on the site, in order to try out the many games on offer. All winnings won by Trial Players are paid in Bonus funds. Progressive Jackpots are not available to be won by Trial Players. There is a maximum win limit of 100 E for Trial Player accounts, after which the player may opt to deposit. Depositing to an account moves the player out of Trial Player status and into permanent player status. All bonus funds won as a Trial Player are retained and become available as bonus to the active player for use on bingo and certain casino games as noted.

New Player Deposit Bonus

Casino Oasis offers new members a 100% bonus on their initial deposit, to a maximum of €/$500. Therefore, if a new player deposits €/$100 into their account, Casino Oasis matches it with €/$100 in bonus.

Rebate Bonus

Our unique deposit rebate program ensures that you have the opportunity to receive a minimum 75% bonus on every deposit you make. You will always receive a minimum 25% bonus when you deposit to your account. You will receive higher deposit bonuses as your loyalty level increases. Additionally, if your balance falls below €/$2 and you have not requested a withdrawal, just click on the "Rebate" button and you will receive another 50% of your deposit back in bonus! Please note, you must claim your rebate PRIOR to making another deposit. The rebate bonus is reduced to 10% during certain ongoing and occasional deposit promotions.

Player Referral Bonus

Casino Oasis offers an excellent Player Referral Bonus. Invite a friend to become a Casino Oasis member. They must register using your account ID number which they must enter into the relevant box on our registration page. (Your account ID number may be found in Account). Thereafter, you will earn a 20% bonus on each of their deposits for 90 days. In order to receive referral monies you must have deposited to your own account within the past 30 days. Relatives and members of the same household may not refer each other.

Birthday Bonus

Birthdays are very special days at Casino Oasis and on your next birthday you can be eligible to receive €/$10 bonus. Just submit a ticket to our Help Desk 24 hours before your actual birthday, letting us know the date, and requesting your Birthday Bonus. If you qualify, the Birthday Bonus will be deposited into your account the day of your birthday. The Birthday bonus is open to all players with an active account, who have made a deposit within the last 7 days. Abuse of the Birthday Bonus offer will result in forfeiture of awarded funds and account closure.

Depositing to your Account

The minimum deposit transaction amount is €/$10 and the maximum transaction amount is €/$500. You may deposit a maximum total of €/$520 per hour, €/$1000 daily, €/$3500 weekly & €/$10,000 monthly. Players may lower deposit limits via the My Account tab. Requests for increases to deposit limits may be submitted for review to Casino Oasis Management.

Casino Oasis offers a wide selection of deposit methods as follows:

  • Debit Cards (Maestro, Switch, Delta, Visa Debit)
  • Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard)
  • Neteller
  • Moneybookers
  • Ukash
  • PaySafeCard
  • iCheque
  • Allied Wallet (Visa)

Refunds for games which do not play due to a technical malfunction are issued to all players in the game as promptly as is feasible after the malfunction. We do not refund deposits but players may withdraw deposited funds at any time provided they meet withdrawal eligibility requirements. If you have any questions, please contact our player support team.

The following descriptors will appear on your bank or account statement:

  • Debit/Credit Card Statements: http://WWW.PARLAYGAMES.COM GUERNSEY OR AQUAPAY
  • AlliedWallet: Your credit card statement will read AW-Parlay442033188334
  • Neteller Statement: Parlay Game Services
  • Skrill/Moneybookers statement: ecommerce@parlaygroup.com
  • Email correspondence from Casino Oasis regarding deposit/payout issues will be from: payables@playnetsupport.com and/or support@casino-oasis.com


Casino Oasis players always have access to their funds and may redeem their winnings at any time provided their player account is current and in good standing*. The minimum withdrawal request is €/$50. Withdrawals may be requested via the following options:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit/Debit Cards, Moneybookers, Neteller, if you have used the method to deposit to your account in the last 60 days.

Note: Registration information must be the same as the billing information provided to our payables department. Any inconsistencies will result in a delay in receiving redemptions. For privacy and security reasons, email correspondence will be limited to communication with the email address registered on the account. Players are responsible for keeping their email address current.

We are required to verify the age and identity of our players. Prior to approving any withdrawal request we may ask you to provide certain identification documents to us (i.e. copy of DNI, passport, recent utility bill, purchase agreement, debit or credit card, etc). (View our Terms and Conditions) This information will never be given to a third party and is protected by our Privacy Policy.

One withdrawal request may be made in any withdrawal period. You may not submit more than one request in any 24-hour period, regardless of whether or not that request is canceled, flowed back or processed. Withdrawal requests are approved by Casino Oasis on Thursdays for requests submitted by 12 midnight GMT the night before (01:00 main land, 00:00 in Canary Islands). Withdrawals over €1000 are subject to management approval and may require additional days for processing.

All bonus in your account is forfeited when you request a withdrawal UNLESS you leave the equivalent in cash in your account to the bonus amount you wish to protect (if you leave 50€ cash, the equivalent to 50€ in bonus will remain in your account). If you subsequently flow back your entire withdrawal request, any bonus you forfeited will be reinstated in full. Partial or total cancellation of a withdrawal is made by clicking on DEPOSIT, entering the amount to cancel, and clicking on FLOW BACK. Note:* Full or partial flow backs are not considered deposits and do not count as deposits for purposes of qualifying for promotions, tournaments, draws and other special offers.

Players holding more than one Network account are entitled to request payouts on one account ONLY in any 7-day period. In the event players request payouts on more than one account in any 7-day period, only the first request will be approved; all other requests will be declined. Any bonus money forfeited as a result of payout requests which are subsequently declined for this reason will not be returned.

*An account is in good standing when it is open and there are no pending or ongoing investigations associated with the account. An account is current when a minimum of €/$10 has been deposited and wagered within the past 30 days. Funds are not available for withdrawal from any account which does not satisfy these criteria.

Guidelines for Bonus Funds

Bonus Funds are not available for withdrawal, nor are they transferrable. Bonus may be used on Bingo, Mini-games and select Casino Games (if available during special promotions). All Bonus won or acquired in any way must be used within 60 days of receipt. Unused bonus will be automatically removed from player accounts.

Complimentary Bonus funds are extended to players as a means of supplementing their play time and are not intended to replace cash deposits and wagers. Manipulation of our bonus structure to preclude new cash deposits and facilitate continuous redemption's is considered an abuse of intention. Players exhibiting this behavior may have bonus privileges suspended at the discretion of management.

Loyalty Program & Bonuses

The more you play at Casino Oasis, the more points you earn. As you accumulate points, your loyalty level increases and you become entitled to higher deposit bonuses and more generous loyalty bonuses.

Casino Oasis's loyalty levels range from level 1 to level 7. A level 1 player represents a new player who has not yet made a cash wager in any of our games. A level 7 player denotes a loyal player who has deposited and played regularly over a long period of time.

Description Points Required Bonus
Initial 0 100%
Bronze 1 25%
Silver 10,000 50%
Gold 50,000 60%
Platinum 100,000 75%
Diamond 200,000 100%
Diamond VIP 300,000 125%
  Casino Oasis reserves the right to determine and adjust any player's VIP level at any time at the sole discretion of Management. ### Earning Loyalty Points You earn loyalty points by making wagers in the games listed below. The pound per point column tells you how many pounds you have to wager in the game to earn one point.
Game €/$ per Point
Bingo 10
Blackjack 45
Craps 45
Keno 30
Video Poker 45
Roulette 45
Slots 45

Bonus Exchange

Players have the option to change their bonus funds into cash by accessing the "Bonus Exchange" option under the My Account tab. Bonus funds are converted to cash at a rate of 10%. All exchange transactions are final. To be eligible to exchange bonus you must have less than €/$1 in your account and have no pending withdrawals.

Chat Bonus

Casino Oasis’s Chat Hosts serve up fun and games in the chat rooms where players can be awarded Chat Bonus when playing bingo and participating in the chat room games. Only players playing bingo in the appropriate game are eligible to receive chat bonus. To win chat bonus you must have made a deposit within the last 7 days and be playing bingo during the chat game. Chat bonus prizes are generally awarded based on the amount of tickets in play.

Bonus is awarded as follows:

  • 5 tickets or more , 100% of the bonus
  • 4 tickets in play, 90% of the bonus
  • 3 tickets in play, 80% of the bonus
  • 2 tickets in play, 70% of the bonus
  • 1 tickets in play, 60% of the bonus

Chat bonus policy is subject to change without notice in our chat rooms, and is regularly waived in favour of chat bonus awards given without restriction. At our discretion we may also offer chat bonus based on game spend.

A player may receive a maximum of €/$30 in Bonus per day. Chat room bonus is awarded at the discretion of the Chat Hosts according to preset Casino Oasis guidelines. Members of the same household may not play for chat bonus in the same chat room at any time. Please see our "Chat Etiquette" section below for additional rules governing chat room conduct.

Termination of Account

Casino Oasis reserves the right to terminate a player's account at any time for any reason at our sole discretion. In the event Casino Oasis terminates a player's account, all bonuses from that player's account will be forfeited without compensation. Any cash balance in excess of the minimum withdrawal amount will be returned to the player, provided the player has previously made a deposit to that account. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for details on account termination.

Transfers between Accounts - E-gifts

We offer players the option to fund another player's account by "E-gift". You may use the cash in your account to gift another player, who will receive the equivalent amount in bonus. Players may be donors any number of times, but may receive a maximum €/$30 bonus per day. Players are not permitted to transfer cash or bonus between accounts, nor may they fund another player's account using their personal funding methods. This activity will result in accounts being blocked for risk of fraud.


To register and play at Casino Oasis you must be over the age of majority in the country in which you reside. Typically this is 18 but it may be different in your country and it is your responsibility to check. You must read and consent to all published Terms & Conditions and must have authorization to use a valid payment method acceptable to Casino Oasis. All transactions by minors are considered null and void, including any winnings. Casino Oasis reserves the right to request proof of age at any time.

Play must occur in a jurisdiction that allows on-line gaming. Internet Gambling may be illegal in the jurisdiction in which you are located. If so, you are not authorized to use any payment method to fund your Casino Oasis account. It is your responsibility to know if national or local laws prohibit gambling over the Internet in your jurisdiction.

New registered players, who have not deposited, will have access within the next 72 hours, after which they will have to deposit and wager a min. of 10 within the past 7 days.

Employees of Casino Oasis are prohibited from participating. To read more on eligibility, please see our Terms and Conditions.

Registration & Participation Rules

You are only allowed to register on Casino Oasis once per person. A maximum of two accounts per household is allowed in cases where the second player in the household has requested and received permission in writing from Casino Oasis management. Multiple accounts are strictly forbidden and will result in all accounts being disabled and all funds forfeited.

We offer players the privilege of holding active accounts on more than one site on our Network. Players who choose to take advantage of this privilege may only be active on one account on any day, such day to be defined as 12:00 AM to 23:59 PM. Players may not play on two accounts on the same day for any reason. Any account activity involving games of any kind will be construed as account play. Players who violate this rule may have chat disabled and/or be reduced to a single Network account and/or will have all accounts closed at the discretion of management.

Claiming Prizes

Prizes are automatically deposited to a player's account. Members can play games from their winnings or request redemption. Casino Oasis reserves the right to withhold a win pending a game review if the win is over €/$2500. The funds will be automatically credited to the player account following management approval.

In the event there is a discrepancy between the Game results as recorded in Casino Oasis database and that recorded by the player, the Casino Oasis game server results shall be considered valid. In the event games do not finish properly or record to the Casino Oasis games server, players will receive refunds for tickets purchased or funds played in those games.

Unless otherwise explicitly stated, casino game top prizes and/or Progressive Jackpots are awarded only when maximum is wagered. This is not always indicated on the individual casino game interface.


Casino Oasis wishes to assure players that every possible effort has been made to provide the world's most entertaining, reliable and honest bingo site on the internet. It is our sincere intention to ensure all players are satisfied with the quality and fairness of our games. Casino Oasis undertakes to promptly and impartially resolve all disputes that may arise from participation in our games. However, please be advised that in the event of any dispute regarding participation or prizes, the decision made by Casino Oasis will be final. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information on disputes.

Help Desk Guidelines

All queries and complaints must be submitted via the Help Desk. Help tickets will be answered within 24 hours of receipt. Spamming of the Help Desk (sending multiple tickets regarding the same issue) is prohibited. Harassment and abuse of Help Desk staff is prohibited and will not be tolerated. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your support ticket you may draft a follow-up help ticket explaining your grievance. You are not permitted to voice concern or discuss details of your help tickets in the chat rooms. Help Tickets should adhere to the same standards of etiquette as do chat room communications.

Chat Etiquette

We want your Casino Oasis chat room to be a place where all members can feel secure and enjoy themselves. We offer a 'home away from home" environment with a personal touch. We require all 'roomies' to respect the following rules for fairness and security reasons. By doing so, we can guarantee the best entertainment within our chat room community.

  • Respect the Chat Host's authority. As well, respect yourself and all other members. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • Welcome new players when they enter the room, and please help them if they have questions, especially if the Chat Hosts are busy.
  • NO complaining. This includes but is not limited to, complaining about not winning, or moaning about members who are experiencing winning streaks.
  • Please direct all complaints to the Help Desk so as not to disturb the flow of chat or cause a confrontation. If you have submitted a help ticket and have not yet received a response, please allow staff adequate time to respond. Players are not permitted to discuss the specifics of their Help Tickets in chat.
  • NO arguing or bickering allowed at anytime.
  • NO foul language, indecent or offensive remarks, threats, nor racial, sexual, or religious slurs.
  • Please refrain from unkind gossip about others. This is rude and may be offensive to others.
  • Never impersonate another person while in the chat room.
  • NO children (persons younger than 18 years old) are allowed in chat rooms. This site is for responsible adults only. In the event that a minor gains access to an account held by an adult, the owner of the account will be held responsible for the minor's actions.
  • Never solicit funds from others in the chat rooms. It is strictly prohibited. This action makes others in the room very uncomfortable. You may not discuss your account balance in the chat room, nor that of another player. This policy is for the protection of all members and to maintain a comfortable environment in our chat rooms.
  • Mentioning Bingo sites, advertising other sites and/or recruiting of members to other sites is strictly prohibited in the chat rooms. This will result in immediate removal of chat privileges.
  • Members are not permitted to slander or libel Casino Oasis management and/or employees.
  • To avoid confusion and for ease of identification, only the Chat Hosts may use CAPITAL letters in the chat rooms.
  • In the absence of a Chat Host, please copy and paste any violation of these rules via email to: support@casino-oasis.com. We respect your privacy. As such, all cases will be kept anonymous and the sender of the email will never be mentioned.
  • Most importantly - HAVE FUN!

Note that violations of any of our chat room policies will result in warnings and/or removal of chat privileges and/or suspension of your account.

Player Profile

Your registration information becomes your permanent player profile with Casino Oasis. You may view this information via the My Account tab where you will also see a breakdown of your account balances. From this tab you may change your password. For all other player profile changes you must contact our help desk. Supplementary documents may be requested in order to affect changes to your personal information.

The Player Profile is also the place to manage any restrictions you wish to place on your account. You may opt to reduce your daily/weekly/monthly deposit and wager limits from standard, in order to assist with money management. Please note you may not increase your limits above standard. Requests for increases must be directed to the Help Desk and are subject to a 24-hour cooling off period.

Account Closure

We offer two options for closing your account:

  1. Temporary Self-Exclusion: If you wish to close your account for a short period of time, go to My Account and choose "Close Account." You will be asked to select an exclusion timeframe. Please note, at the end of this time you must contact our Support Team, as accounts under temporary exclusion do not reopen automatically when the specified time is up.

  2. Permanent Self-Exclusion: If you wish to permanently close your account, go to My Account and choose "Close Account". If there are any funds remaining in your account this will automatically generate a withdrawal request. If the withdrawal amount is under €/$1 we will donate the amount to charity. If you wish to reopen your account in the future you will need to contact customer support by email to:support@casino-oasis.com.

Player Alias Changes

Players are permitted one alias change every six calendar months, based on a rolling calendar. (Example: An alias change on 18 April means the next alias change may not be until 18 October). There is no guarantee that the alias you previously had will still be available should you request it again. All requests for alias changes are to be submitted to our help desk.