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Deuces Wild 2

Deuces Wild 2


In Deuces Wild Poker, the 2s - Deuces - are wild cards. A Deuce can be whatever you need and thus increases your probability of winning.

  • Overview: Exciting additional hands and Double-Up feature

Deuces Wild 2 is nearly identical to some other fun Video Poker games you know about, like Jacks or Better. You will use a standard card deck of 52 to play this game. You must pick which cards you would like to hold on to, and you will wish on your lucky stars for the Royal Flush to make an appearance right at the start!

However, Deuces Wild 2 is a little different from other Video Poker games. To put it simply, deuces, or 2s, are wild cards here. It has the feature allowing a Deuce (a card with the face value of 2) and form a winning hand in seconds! So, no matter if you require a King, an Ace, or Queen - a Deuce can be whatever you need and thus increases your probability of winning.

How to Play Deuces Wild 2

The great thing is that Deuces Wild 2 is pretty easy to play!

  • Start by selecting your bet - it is best to start small if you are a newcomer.
  • Once you get five cards, decide which of them you want to keep, and discard the rest of them. Of course, do not discard a deuce!
  • Check on your new hand - and see if you won or lost.

Deuces Wild 2: Hands

So, for this section, let’s talk about the hands of Deuces Wild, and then discuss Deuces Wild 2. Like most poker games, these are the strongest poker hands that you simply have to memorize if you want to be your best. Don’t worry, it will come with a little time and practice!

  • Royal Flush Natural - King, Queen, Ace and a Jack of all the matching suit.
  • Four Deuces - just as it sounds, four 2s!
  • Royal Flush Deuces - This is just same as a Royal Flush, only one card is replaced with a deuce.
  • 5 the same - four cards of the same value plus a deuce.
  • Straight Flush - five cards all in sequence
  • 4 the same - Four cards, all same value.
  • Full House - One pair and 3 the same.
  • Flush - Five cards that are same suit of any value.
  • Straight - Five cards of consecutive order, may vary in suit
  • 3 the same - Three cards of same value

It is important to remember that a deuce can take the place of any card, except when a Natural Royal Flush.

So, what makes Deuces Wild 2 a little different? Here we go:

All of the 2s (Deuces) that show up in your hand are wildcards that help you get those winning combinations. Every one of your hands are played with a new set of cards, and in every game, you get a new one for every round.

The game plays with the usual Poker hands like we discussed above, but here are the exceptions:

  • Royal Flush Wild - This is a Royal Flush that has at minimum one Deuce.
  • Bonus Poker - This is five cards of the same value, that includes one or more Deuces.
  • Poker of 2s - You get all four Deuces.
  • The original Royal Flush - A standard Royal Flush without a Deuce.

You will also see a double-up feature in this game, which allows you the opportunity to double the prize.

Winning at Deuces Wild 2

Wild deuces give you a big advantage over the casino. The pay table, however, can be a bit less forgiving than what we’ve seen compared to other poker games.

The wild 2s, for instance, will get you endless winning combos that you won’t find elsewhere. And though you will not be awarded payment for having weaker hands (a pair or two pairs) you will definitely have more possibilities for stronger hands - for instance, the Deuces Royal Flush or the Four Deuces.

(It is advisable you review the payout table in-game for full information. It will provide you a general idea of the amount you can possibly win.)

When you get used to the entire strategy surrounding Deuces Wild, try betting the max of five coins. It really amps up your chances of winning!

Here is our Deuces Wild 2 strategy:

  • If you have a 4 to a Royal Flush: hold 4, draw 1.
  • If you have 4 the same: hold 4, draw 1.
  • If you have 3 the same: hold 3, draw 2.
  • If you have 4 to a straight Flush: hold 4, draw 1.
  • If you have 3 to a Royal Flush: hold 4, draw 1.
  • If you have one pair: hold 2, draw 3.
  • If you have four to a flush: hold 4, draw 1.
  • If you have four to a straight: hold 4, draw 1.
  • If you have 3 to a straight flush: hold 3, draw 2.
  • If you have two to a Royal Flush: hold 2, draw 3.
  • If you have zip, zero, nada: hold nothing and draw 5!


If you are ready for video poker fun, Deuces Wild 2 will be your ticket. Jump in and get some practice in, and then get ready for some fun and competition.