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There are plenty of choices of Video Poker games here at Casino Oasis online casino to keep you busy winning. If the action slows on 10s or Better then you can switch your Video Poker game to Jacks or Better, 50 Line Poker or Double Joker. You do not have to stick to one game and your winnings will still be available in the new Video Poker game. You never have to download video poker at Casino Oasis - our Video Poker games use HTML5 technology, so that you can play them on our website from the convenience of your own home or on your mobile device while on the move.

Video Poker is a very popular casino game as it combines two other classic casino game – poker and slots. Video poker is considered a poker-type game but is played on a machine that resembles a slot machine. The objective of the game is the same as traditional poker – to make the best 5-card hand possible out of the card you've been dealt.

Online Video Poker and Mobile Video Poker - The Essential Info

Welcome to this quick look at online video poker and mobile video poker. Chances are you are here because you’re ready to dive headfirst into a dynamic and exciting world of chance, skill and of course fun.

The same goes for mobile video poker-you may love the game so much you will want to take it on the road with you. You never can tell when you fill feel exceptionally lucky - it could be on a beach, a train or even a work break.

So, let’s get started on teaching you the basics of online video poker.

How to Play Online Video Poker?

If you have played video poker in a casino, or played real poker for that matter, you’re in a good place. You start by choosing how many credits you’d like to play on each spin. The usual range is anything from one to five credits, sometimes referred to as coins. The prize scale depends on how much money you are playing for. For that, you will want to consult the Pay Table.

To find the pay table, you just click on an icon that is usually located close to the bottom of the game’s screen. Clicking on it will give you a window that tells you all you need to know about a game. Check this before you play - it is where you can find the winning combos, and the amount that is paid when it lands. You can also learn what bonus rounds are and what minimum and max prizes are too. You can also learn how to play for the progressive jackpot if your game features it.

The outcome of your deck is dependent upon an RNG, or random number generator. This constantly mixes up the deck whether you’re hitting deal, or not. So, upon hitting deal or draw, the RNG stops at whichever shuffle combo it has at that time. You cannot try to pattern it or guess at it - with 2.6 million possible combinations, it’s not doable!

Each video poker game has its own deck, and each should be played as a single-hand game. Once you have mastered that, you can entertain yourself with several hands as your skill increases. We even have a 100-hand Jacks or Better video poker game!

Your hands will be made of five cards, and just like regular poker, the quality of your hand is what determines your payout. Clicking the "Deal" button on your mobile or video poker game will give you five cards, hitting "Hold" will let you keep certain ones that you select. You can improve your hand by honing your skill.

Honing Your Skill

With enough skill, you can actually beat online video poker!

Playing video poker online with skill may improve your ROI before promotions to 99% or more. You can decipher video poker returns from information on your screen, but not always. Each game has its own hit frequency and return to player rate, which increases your chances of winning.

You should begin by looking for poker games that pay out better than the others. Full pay games are for those players who want to maximize their winnings, so players who desire this should look for the 9:6 scheme that will have a payout of 9 to 1 for a full house and then 6 to 1 for a flush. Some games have full pay and standard versions, which pay out 8 to 5, and while that may not seem much lower, the house has better odds against yours.

One game you might consider is Jacks or Better, with over a 99% RTP rate. It also has an 800:1 prize for the royal flush, 50 to 1 for a straight flush, and 4000-coin grand prize for a royal flush with a five-coin bet. Jacks or Better requires you to have a pair of Jacks or higher to be at even odds.

Other versions you might like are Deuces Wild, Double Joker Poker, or Double Bonus Poker.

Understanding Your Odds

Online Video Poker games are just like casino video poker games - their game odds all favor the house. Sure, some may have better potential return rates, but in order to really find that out, you would need to analyze the payout structure of that video poker game.

In video poker, you are able to select the cards that you hold, which gives you a higher potential to improve or even ruin your chances at beating the casino. It may take months or even longer to master this game in a way that gets you consistent returns.

Not many video poker games have progressive jackpots, so the way to victory is to study, find out the game’s tactics and strategy, and then apply them while you play poker online for a prolonged time.

Here are some basic tips for online video poker:

  • Match up your hand to the highest initial card amount and understand how many cards to hold and discard.
  • Draw for a flush over a straight-always.
  • Play with max coins at all times.
  • Even if you have three cards - do not drop a low pair.

In terms of those progressive jackpots we discussed earlier, plenty of casinos offer them. Some of the prizes become very large, and the jackpots are usually accumulated over a network that may connect the varying video poker machines of one provider. This just means that every player who is attempting to gain access to a video poker game is adding to the pot and may even win it.

Most video poker machines require from their players a hand called royal flush to be built in order to be qualified to win the jackpot. But there are some machines that grant the jackpot totally at random, even for hands that are non-winning.

Video Poker on Mobile

Some people may think that when we say “mobile video poker” we are referring to some type of new game. This is not true - this only refers to how we can take our beloved video poker games with us on the road using our devices like smartphones and tablets.

This gives you the flexibility and time to enjoy yourself whenever you feel like it. The objective of the game does not change when you are on mobile. The objective of the game remains the absolute same - that is, to create the best five-card hand possible out of the hand you are dealt.

Poker hands in mobile video poker games are just the same as the ones you get in regular poker games. Players, of course, are paid according to their hand - the better it is, the more money you get!

Our mobile poker games make you feel like you are really in a casino. You can sometimes customize your gameplay experience, and the fact that many of these games are touchscreen compatible makes it even more exciting. They run smoothly and easily on your device, making your betting a safe and hassle-free experience.

Full Pay Games and Low Pay Games

Before diving into the fun, make sure you have a good grip on full pay and low pay games. Bear in mind that because there are millions of games online and in real casinos, it is impossible to provide information on each and every game, machine or app out there in the world.

However, suppose you figured out your favorite online video poker “Joker’s Wild”, for instance, is to pay players 7 tokens back for every token that you insert on a full house. You can then consult the pay table-where you can then find that particular “Joker’s Wild” game pays some sort of bonus on, say, five kings, but only will give players back 6 tokens for each token that is inserted on a full house. This is what is known as a short pay game, and you should probably avoid it.

On full-pay settings, the most popular video poker games will pay 9 tokens for each token inserted on a full house, and then 5 tokens for each token that is inserted on a flush. Games that have these particular settings are known as 9/6 games, and they are as different from the 8/5 games that lower payouts on full houses and flushes by one token apiece.

The 8/5 machines may be connected to the progressive jackpot that more or less justifies why they take more of players’ monetary resources, but unless you truly want to access the bonus or promo the machines are promising to offset the lowering from 9/6 to 8/5, then just stick with the 9/6 games.

Video Poker Tips

In this section, we will go over some tips you should follow so that you start off on your best foot when learning the ways of video poker online.

  1. Always Play Max Coins. Playing maximum coins gives you the full value for royal flush, which is usually 800 for. Playing any fewer coins than that gives you less for that particular hand, normally 250 to 1.
  2. Know the Strategy. Every game you play has a strategy, whether it is Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better. Do you know when you should hold? Do you know when to hold one pair or both if you are dealt such a hand? The best thing to do is read the pay schedules and see what happened.
  3. Read the Pay Schedule. This is the groundwork to knowing the strategy of the game you wish to play. For video poker games in which you get your money back for a pair of jacks or higher, every additional unit you get for a full house or flush gives you an extra return of 1.1%. Always check out the pay schedule and learn how to read it-you will really thank yourself down the line.
  4. Practice Makes Perfect. Software exists that will assist you in learning how to play any hand you are dealt. You can Google around to find some good practice software that suits you. There are even apps you can download for your devices that will enable you to practice anywhere. You can play as many practice-rounds as you like and learn what to do no matter what hand you are dealt in video poker. Then, you will really be ready to take your game into the online casinos.

History of Video Poker

It was in 1970 that Dale Electronics introduced the world’s very first video poker machine. They called it “Poker-Matic”, and it was installed in nearly every Vegas casino at that time. It did do so well, but it did lay the foundation for future games that would capture the interests of gamblers everywhere-not to mention their money!

A distributor for Bally’s Gaming named Si Redd pitched an idea to the executives of his company around 1975 - a game he wanted to call “Video Poker.” It was rejected at first, as the executives were not interested in taking a leap from their main business which was slots. This would prove to be a big error.

Si was allowed to take the patent for his machine, made a deal with Fortune Coin Co. in Reno, NV, and formed a company called SIRCOMA. He mass-produced video poker machines, and by 1981, it was very popular in casinos and liked by gamers everywhere.

The game provided a way for those intimidated by table games or the outcomes of such games to go into a casino and enjoy the thrill of placing bets. Now, we do not even need to go to a casino to feel the thrill.

Final Words

The best things you can do when it comes to getting into the fun that is video poker online is to try some of our video poker games in demo mode and of course, to study the pay table. Then register to receive our Welcome Bonus and play some more bonus-playable poker games. There are plenty of free games available to newcomers that will help them in formulating and understanding strategies for all varieties of video poker games online. Once you're ready to try your luck on real-money games, you can take advantage of our generous First Deposit Bonus. And of course, practice, practice and then practice some more!