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Keno in Casinos Online

Keno is a hugely popular game in land casinos and also in online casinos. It is a game that is a lot like Bingo or a lottery, because you guess a series of numbers. Then you wait for the numbers to display and see how many of them you picked correctly. You can start today by registering at Casino Oasis and we’ll give you a bonus to start free play right now.

Types of Keno Games at Casino Oasis

We have three Keno games available at Casino Oasis. All three games will play using flash technology and you do not have to download any of the games. You can enjoy the under the sea graphics with Neptune Keno, have a day at the races with Grand National Keno or have some fantasy Alice in Wonderland style of nature graphics as the caterpillar leads you through your Keno with Keno Land.